A guide to choosing a good melodica

A melodica is one piece that never lacks in the instrument collection of a passionate instrumentalist. The reason being is that, it is termed as one of the most adaptable and harmonious instruments in the world. However, not all melodicas that are available in music shops are durable; some brands only have an attractive appearance, but they are poorly constructed.

Choosing the specific one that suits you among the many attractive brands available in the market can be a bit tasking especially if you are making a first time purchase. Here below is a guideline with important tips on how to choose the right melody horn for your music sessions.

Key size

Melodicas come in different key sizes to suit the varying needs of players. You will find that the key size that is suitable for you is completely inconvenient for another individual. The difference strikes in because instrumentalists have different styles of playing and also different hand sizes. With that ensure that you take home the pianica that suits your hand and playing style perfectly.



The weight of the melodica varies from one brand to another. The weight you go for while purchasing this instrument will be determined by your mobility needs. If you are moving around with it, then go for the type that will be easy to carry around without much trouble.


It is definite that every instrumentalist needs a melody horn that will offer them a long-term service. Well, this is normally determined by the type of construction material that is used in developing the instrument. A large number of melodicas are made of plastic while the high-end quality brands are made of wood. Note that even with the plastic type you can get a quality melodica with the capability of giving a long-term service. The wooden type is usually preferable to the instrumentalists wanting to attain a richer tone during their playing sessions.


Melodicas are designed in several voice ranges; soprano, alto, tenor, and bass. The range you get to will be determined by the voice you need. Normally the soprano and alto melodicas are the ones that are preferred by most buyers.

Keyboard action

hgdhgdd64The efficiency of the keyboard action of your instrument will determine the quality of music it will deliver. In most cases, the low-quality melodicas tend to have a light uncomfortable feel across the keyboard. On the other hand, the high-quality types give the user a heavy feel that makes the instrumentalists make the best out of their music playing sessions. On keyboard action, you should also check on the tuning capability of the instrument such that it doesn’t give you trouble when it comes to tuning the instrument.

Good quality melodicas are available at a budget-friendly price but only if you have the know-how on how to source them. With the tips listed above, you will be able to take home a melodica that will meet your music needs effectively. Moreover, this instrument is quite exciting to play and is ideal for any instrumentalist whether new or experienced in the game.…